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ArmSys - Embedded ARM Development System

What Is It ?

The 32bit ARM core provides a lot of power to create sophisticated systems. To help with harnessing this power in an easy to use way we provide the ArmSys software system. This provides a simple to use integrated development environment with GNU C++/C compiller tool set and the ArmSys C++ class library to make programing the systems relatively easy along with examples.
Features of the ArmSys environment are:
  • Simple C++ class library to access system hardware including I2C, SPI, RTC, ADC's etc.
  • Can be used as a simple single program or as a multi tasking real time program.
  • Class library provides easy usage of the real time operating system features of FreeRTOS allowing multiple tasks to be run simultaneously,
  • Class library provides useful modules such as a MicroSD card file system and USB disk device support.
ArmSys IDE